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Last Updated:- 1st March 2000

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Alive Mediasoft News
A few updates from Alive Mediasoft, they have 2 more games which they will be releasing soon, the first of these is Ultimate XTreme Racing, this will take the excellent original game and add new tracks, sounds, music, opponents and a new intro to create a bigger and better XTR. Ultimate XTR will be out mid March at the price on 14.99 on CD-ROM.

The second release is the Giana Sisters Trilogy, this will be fronted by the excellent Great Giana Sisters (As if you hadn't already guessed), and will also contain an 040/060/PPC fix so it'll run on these machines, this will be out mid March at 9.99 on CD-ROM.

Other Alive news includes the improvment of the website, this should be launched at the beginning of March and improved Pulse with glossy paper and photo print quality & improved layout.

Alive are also recompiling a couple of their games, the first of these is Goal 2000 which will now have a new intro, will be easier to install and has had a new manual written for it, also, Whales Voyage 2 has also had a new intro and manual written for it.

Thats all for now.

- 1st March 2000 -Full storySource:- WWW

Pagan Games Update.
With Pagan Games being somewhat quite recently, they have just released some updated information on how things are progressing.

- 1st March 2000 -Full storySource:- WWW

SiN Coming to the Amiga
Yep, thats right, via them nice chaps at Hyperion we can now look forward to seeing this quality game ported to the Amiga. Details are somewhat low at the moment although you can be pretty sure it'll be PPC only, more details to follow soon.

- 28th February 2000 -Full storySource:- WWW

Games Update Additions.
Just some additions & changes to the games update article posted here a few days ago.

- 28th Fenruary 2000 -Full storySource:- WWW

Games Update.
Without an update appearing on here for quite a while, here is status information on a lot of the forthcoming titles.

- 26th Fenruary 2000 -Full storySource:- WWW

A Plea to Developers & Publishers.
Just a quick message to all you developers and publishers out there, due to the fact that i've been away for a while I have somewhat fallen behind on the development of a number of titles, so, if your game isn't listed or has no details in the list in the above article please email with the current status of the title, even if it has been cancelled - just so I know. Also, please feel free to email with any updates on your games even if they are mentioned. Thankyou.

- 26th February 2000 -Full storySource:- WWW

Alive Mediasoft News Update.
Alive news update which includes news that Goal 2000 has now been released and names the two titles that they have recently signed up.

- 30th November 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

Delsyd Software Update
Delsyd Software have just posted an update on their webpage giving more news on their forthcoming games. There is a new section entirly dedicated to The Last Patriot which includes screenshots of character designs and logos, there is also more info on Pimpin' Ain't Easy. I can't tell you much ore then that as I haven't been able to access the page, you can try on http://www.geocities.com/siliconvalley/foothills/2705/
- 30th November 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

Wipeout Demo
I've finally managed to get my hands on the demo of this game (haven't got around to buying it yet, mind) and thought i'd give a small insight into how fast it is. On my A4000 (which has a 604e 180mz with Cybervision PPC) the game plays flawlessly in 640x480 with everything turned on to full, its even playable in 800x600 and, if you reduce the distance drawing to its lowest you can play it in 1024x768, quite impressive i'm sure you'll agree. Full review coming soon....probably ;).

- 30th November 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

Yesterday, an article was published on these pages with reference to Alive Mediasoft gaining the publishing rights to Exodus - The Last War. It has now come to my attention that this wasn't the case, and no such rights have yet to be gained. Apologies go out to both Alive and the programmers of Exodus..

- 25th November 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

NewTron Update.
An information update direct from the authors on the forthcoming NewTron.

- 24th November 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

Heretic 2 News.
Some very interesting information as regards to the speed that the latest version of Heretic 2 is running at, read the full story for details.

- 24th November 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

Simon the Sourcerer 2 Coming to the Amiga at Last...
News has just reached me that we are going to at last seen Simon the Sourcerer on the Amiga from Epic Marketing. This is a game that has had many rumours written about it in the past, some that claimed that it was finished and was released in small quantities while others say it had never been started. This news certainly doesn't put these rumours to bed completly, however, it is very good news indeed.

Check out the Epic Marketing site at:- http://www.epic-marketing.ltd.net

- 24th November 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

Interesting News From Alive Mediasoft.
News has just reached me from this busy company that there are more new games on the way from them. They would not go into details, however they have said that one of the best ever fighting games to hit the Amiga will be put back into productions by themselves, now what this game is anyones guess - only time will tell. They also mention that that have signed up 2 new games for release, one is Exodus which you probably read above - the other? Well, again, there keeping quiet about it.

One thing you can be sure of is that alive will be releasing Whales Voyage, Whales Voyage 2, Putty Squad & Goal 2000 all before christman - exciting stuff!

- 24th November 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

The Future of Amiga Nutta & More importantly, the Amiga.....
Well, the future of the Amiga is in doubt more then it has been for a long time now, that you all know. However, the future of this webpage is something that is massively less important but is also very much in doubt, read why here...

- 11th October 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

NewTron - New 3D Game.
NewTron is a new 3D PPC/Warp3D only game that is in development. It is loosely based on the film called TRON but borrows more from another game of its type called Lightrider. I'm not going to go into great detail about it here as all you need to know can be found on the webpage at:- http://home.t-online.de/home/AHippauf/newtron.htm
- 11th October 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

ACSYS Update.
Development of this Turrican like shoot-em-up is still in development, level one of the game is complete and graphics of the second level are also complete. There is still a long way to go though as is indicated by the game still being under 30% complete, check the game out on the ACSYS webpage at:- >http://www.rz.tu-ilmenau.de/~sobotta/acsys.html
- 11th October 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

Hyperion Software Update.
Old news now, but Hyperion Software have released new information on the progress of their Shogo port and have also announced that they have secured the rights to port the Heretic Add-on 'HThe Heretic Fortress' by Wankeroo to the Amiga. Full details can be found on the Hyperion Software webpage at:- http://www.hyperion-software.de
- 11th October 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

Darkage Software Update.
Darkage Software have announced that they have stopped development of their shoot-em-up Alive, the reason, lack of interest. On a more positive note, their other two games, Land of Genesis and Tales of Heaven are now very close to release, expect more news soon.

- 11th October 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

World Foundry News.
Updated information on both Maim & Mangle and Explorer 2260 can be found on the World Foundry website. There are also a couple of new screenshots for Mai & Mangle on the webpage. Adding to this information on their recent polls and a new one can be found there. The webpage is:- http://www.worldfoundry.com
- 11th October 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

Pagan Software Update.
Again, somewhat old news but worth reporting anyway. New details and screenshots of their forthcoming games, Scavangers, Dafel: Bloodline, & Magick can be found on there webpage at:- http://www.pagan-games.com

- 11th October 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW
Payback Update
Another game that continues to move along nicely. The author has recently released a small update on the game saying how things are going. Things left to do include sound, level design, bug testing, CD cover and manual design and last but not least a demo. Check out progress of the game at:- http://web.ukonline.co.uk/jdaniels/report1.html
- 11th October 1999 -Full storySource:- WWW

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